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sit in on this special panel which will highlight several women and their contributions to the paranormal field. Moderated by Paranormal Perception's Crystal Orona, you'll hear from several women representing the past, present and future of the paranormal. Specifically, women's role in the paranormal. 

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The OGs

Patti Negri & Susan Queen are both trailblazing women in the paranormal/supernatural fields. While both are psychic mediums, they travelled down two separate paths while utilizing their abilities. Patti has made the paranormal her career, with various media appearances, interviews on radio, documentaries and of course, her recurring role on Travel's Ghost Adventures. Susan's path has been less public, but no less amazing. She has used her abilities to help countless clients to heal and live a better life. 

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The Contemporaries

Nicole Strickland and Sophia Temperilli will be representing the current crop of paranormal women. Nicole and Sophia both have learned from those that came before (like Patti & Susan) and both apply their respective talents to the paranormal field using modern mediums. 

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The Next Generation

Ansley The Spooky Foodie and Angel from the Talk Spooky To Me YouTube channel are the next generation of paranormal investigators. Using new platforms and investigative techniques, they are the women who will continue the journey into the unknown for years to come....

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