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Press/Media Qualifications

OC Paracon welcomes Press/Media coverage for the 2024 event.

Due to limited space at the location, we will need to limit the number of Press Passes as well as the number of team members per outlet.


To qualify for a 2024 Press Pass, we require applying outlets and freelance press members to have been operating continuously for 18 months prior to OC Paracon weekend. (Oct.12, 2024)


Applying outlets must publish relevant articles/coverage on a regular basis. Outlets with sporadic event coverage will not qualify for a 2024 Press Pass. For example, if you run a travel vlog channel and you regularly attend paranormal conferences and provide reviews, interviews and coverage of those events, you will be granted a Press Pass.


If your platform consists of sharing or telling scary stories or you go out on paranormal investigations, then you will not qualify for a Press Pass. Traditional media outlets are the exception. That means television and radio stations. Terrestrial radio, with a transmitter, not streaming online or a podcast.

Outlets fall into one of three categories:

1. Broadcast Media (Television/Radio)

2. Digital Media (Podcast/YouTube/Tik Tok Channel/blog)*

3. Print Media (Magazine/newspaper)


* Please note that individuals covering solely on social media platforms (Instagram, X, Facebook) do not meet our criteria for Press Passes.

Only one application per outlet will be considered. The application must be submitted by the main outlet contact and that person will be the liaison between the outlet and OC Paracon.


           Press Outlets are limited to four (4) members for their coverage teams.

Ready To Apply?

2024 Press Pass Application

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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