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John Yost is a filmmaker & director of Alien Abduction: Answers. He experienced a visit from an otherworldly visitor at a young age (he remembered it as a visit from "Ultraman") and kept it a secret as he grew up...until something happened that brought everything back and led to him making his documentary, Alien Abduction: Answers.

Screening:Alien Abduction: Answers

Friday Oct.6 at 7 PM in Main Speaker Room (Laguna C&D)

John Yost's award-winning* documentary will be screened during OC Paracon. This is a free screening, you just need to find a seat in the main speaker room before 7 PM. There will be a live Q&A session with John Yost immediately following the screening in the same room.

* Winner, Best Documentary, Midwest FearFest 2022

   Winner,Best Film Documentary, UfoXPo 2023

Panel: Filming The Unexplained

Sunday Oct.8th  at 2 PM in Main Speakers Room

You have an idea for a paranormal documentary or you think you can get on TV with your team. How do you go about making that happen? John Yost will share some info on how to film paranormal documentaries and also talk about what TV networks look for when looking at a new paranormal TV show.

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