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"One of the most gruesome, infamous, and notorious murders of our time was committed on August 8th-9th1969 when Charles Manson's 'Family' descended upon Roman Polanskis residence on Cielo Drive in Beverly Hills and brutally murdered 5 people including 8 1/2 months pregnant Sharon Tate who was up and coming actress and also Polanski's wife. While the original house no longer exists, I built my home on a lot a mere 150 feet down the drive from the site where the grisly murders took place. that I bought in 1999 and as it turns out, my house is 'Haunted' so much so that I brought in Dr. Barry Taff to investigate in 2005 before the Ghost Hunters even started to take off. I will share with the audience some of my stories and show some of the videos of my home's unseen house guests in action and give away a free signed copy of my book, Ghosts of Cielo Drive. #TheOmanHouse seen on Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story, Haunted History, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Adventures, AfterShocks, Extreme Paranormal Witness, and Fright Club."

                                                                          - David Oman


Panel is on Saturday Oct. 7th at 1 PM

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