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EVPI is a Husband & Wife Paranormal Team located in Phoenix, Arizona and has spent the last decade discovering the truths about spirits, entities, and life after death. Tony & Cherie Rathman lead professionally operated paranormal investigators into some of the darkest corners of Arizona and just about anywhere they travel. Tony and Cherie are Direct Radio Voice Researchers and base their work off the 40 years of work from Marcello Bacci. The Rathmans continue to evolve and refine DRV techniques for longer, clearer and more understandable communication with exceptional results.

Tony and Cherie Rathman also operate the weekly live Facebook broadcast of Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence where some of the best captures from paranormal investigators are shared and discussed with the investigators who captured them. Monday nights at 7pm Pacific Time on the UN-X network.

Panel: Staticom Spirit Communication

Saturday Oct. 7 at 4 PM in Main Stage Room (Laguna C & D)

Tony & Cherie Rathman will be in the Exhibitors' Room all weekend.

Tony and Cherie Rathman will give an explanation and demonstration of their newest spirit communication method, known today as Staticom! Built off the work of ITC legend Marcello Bacci, they went down the path of Direct Radio Voice, the method Marcello used to communicate using a blank white noise radio station to receive voices from beyond. The Rathmans have upgraded this method combining real time slowing of the voices coming through, clarity of the voices, and removal of background noise straight into the live communication. When testing moved along further they realized that any broadband white noise was capable of achieving the communication being received from radio. Today the radio has been completely removed, yet intelligent communication continues with what today is called Staticom. Voices from beyond initiated from broad band white noise only!

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