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C.L. Thomas was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Belmont University, she moved to Nashville in pursuit of a career in communications and photojournalism where she lived for fifteen years. C.L. travels widely as a fine arts photographer and writer exploring various afterlife research, OBEs, metaphysics, folklore, and paranormal events and group. She is the host of Small Town Tales Podcast, content writer for entertainment, and author. Her latest book, Speaking to Shadows will be released Feb. 25, 2022. Currently, she resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her beloved golden retriever and maine coon cat.

Panel: Dancing With Demons

Saturday Oct. 7 at 2 PM in Main Stage Room (Laguna C & D)

C.L. Thomas will speak about her latest book, Dancing With Demons. It has been a long, hard road to get this book published, with many obstacles popping up in C.L.'s path to getting it published. She is convonced many of those obstacles are supernatural in nature, quite dark supernatural forces, in fact. She'll share those stories and more with the OC Paracon attendees.

C.L. Thomas will be in the Exhibitors' Room all weekend.

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