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Nicole Strickland has been interested in the supernatural since childhood.  In addition to her innate psychic and empathic abilities, Nicole’s experience in the fields of counseling, education, psychology and social work give her a unique perspective on studying the unknown.  She is known for her gentle and humble approaches to working with the spirit realms, her clients and the paranormal field at large. 

Strickland is one of the leading West Coast afterlife & paranormal researchers.  She’s the founder and director of the well-respected San Diego Paranormal Research Society and California Coordinator to the Ghost Research Society.  Nicole is also a consultant to the American Spectral Association. 

Nicole holds a B.A. degree in Media Arts / Journalism from the University of Arizona and an M.S. in Educational Counseling from National University.  She plans to pursue a PhD in Parapsychology. 

Panel: The Afterlife Chronicles: Exploring The Connection Between Life, Death & Beyond

Sunday Oct. 8 at 3 PM in Main Stage Room (Laguna C & D)

This presentation is based off of Nicole's book, The Afterlife Chronicles: Exploring the Connection between Life, Death and Beyond, debuting in April 2023.  It highlights the eternal connection between the living and the afterlife.  Topics include but are not limited to mind/body/spirit in connecting with the afterlife; life-after-death research / survival of human consciousness; spirit communication techniques; synchronicity; astral projection; spirit guides and healing your loss while honoring your loved ones, etc.  Personal stories/accounts with the hereafter will be interweaved throughout the presentation. 

Nicole Strickland will be in the Exhibitors' Room all weekend.

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