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J.M. DeBord, aka “RadOwl,” is the author of three books about dreams including the best-seller The Dream Interpretation Dictionary. He explains this complex subject simply and easily and empowers readers to discover their innate abilities to know the meaning and significance of their dreams.

DeBord is the creator of RadOwl’s Dream School, where more than 3,500 students in 200 countries have taken his online courses in dream interpretation.

DeBord is also a popular media guest, having appeared on more than 100 media programs. 

DeBord is a frequent guest on media programs, from Coast to Coast AM to Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast and Share Wisdom TV.

Panel: Dream & Nightmare Interpretation

Saturday Oct. 7 at 11 AM in Main Stage Room (Laguna C & D)

Dreams are a great mystery of life, especially the premonition dreams, apparition dreams, and psychic dreams that many of us experience at some point. It makes you wonder why we have them and what they mean. Dream expert J.M. DeBord will walk us through powerful examples of the most mysterious dreams and talk about his research and experience with them. DeBord, author of four books about dream interpretation, host of The Dreams That Shape Us podcast, and regular guest on Coast to Coast AM, is a renowned dream expert and explorer of life's mysteries.

JM DeBord will be in the Exhibitors' Room on Friday & Saturday ONLY.

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