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Author Gare Allen was born and raised in Tampa, Florida where he still resides. Years of metaphysical study and paranormal experiences resulted in fifteen books that chronicle his life experiences as well as those of others. Gare has presented at paracons and is a scheduled speaker at next year’s Mass Paracon. In his spare time, Gare focuses on physical fitness and supports canine welfare.

Panel: My Paranormal Life

Saturday Oct. 7 at 12 PM in Main Stage Room (Laguna C & D)

Gare Allen is a skeptical believer in the paranormal, although he has had paranormal experiences. Despite his skeptiscism, Gare has written several books about the paranormal, including his latest, Ghost Crimes. He'll share his experiences and talk about how that translated to his paranormal writing career.

Gare Allen will be in the Exhibitors' Room on Friday & Saturday ONLY.

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