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Southern California Paranormal Detectives

Meet SCPD team members in the Speakers' Courtyard all day Saturday.

Hear from the team on their panel presentation on Saturday.


The Southern California Paranormal Detectives was founded in 2000 by best friends Jean-Pierre Giagnoli and Adam Cadabona. They met in high school and became immediate friends, mainly due to their mutual interest in the paranormal. They learned to investigate by watching paranormal TV shows and reading books. Once they graduated and went on to college, they met even more people interested in the paranormal and the team grew. They were mentored by people like Bonnie Vent, a clairvoyant in San Diego and Richard Senate. Dr. Jean-Pierre Giagnoli, earned his PhD in Parapsychology in 2009 and SCPD officially became a 501(c)3 in 2013. They co-lectured at Chapman University in the Sociology department for 6 years. Southern California Paranormal Detectives have been featured in numerous books, publications and some TV shows. Today mostly Dr. Jean-Pierre Giagnoli and the newest member and Medium Molly McCarthy go out on cases for people needing help. You can learn more about Dr. Jean-Pierre Giagnoli and the team at this link:   Jean-Pierre Giagnoli 

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