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Spooky Foodie

Special Event on OC ParaCon Preview Night

Meet SpookyFoodie & buy her new merch at her table in the Speakers' Courtyard.

Hear SpookyFoodie on the Women in the Paranormal panel.

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Foodie & ghost buster...

Vegas-born & raised, SpookyFoodie has always been into haunted and historical places. She saw her first ghost in the mines of Mt. Charleston when she was around eight years old. She's seen, heard, and felt things she can’t explain since then.

SpookyFoodie has always believed in the paranormal. Her family always thought she was a strange child because she would watch Ghost Adventures and other paranormal shows. She's always been fascinated by them. 

 SpookyFoodie can also proudly say she is one of the biggest foodies in the world. Having been exposed to many different crazy cuisines at a very young age, ALL food is exciting to her.

She started Spooky Foodie a little more than a year ago. Growing up, she always wanted to be an entertainer. At Chapman University, SpookyFoodie had the privilege of learning all aspects of film production, which has really helped her in content creation. When she graduated, she felt extremely lost. She was a working actor and tired of the Nos and waiting to hear a Yes. It really took a toll on (not-yet) SpookyFoodie's mental health. She missed entertaining.  When thinking about what she could add to the world of entertainment, boom it hit her: She should go to haunted restaurants and bars. The next day, she did the first video, which went viral overnight and now she'll be ready to meet fellow paranormal enthusiasts and investigators at OC ParaCon 2024!  

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